I've been hinting at a big announcement, more on that in a moment. But first, I want to help up-level your thinking about how you are approaching your CURRENT workout time. 

This is incredibly overlooked. It's pushed off to the side & not really addressed. To be honest, I am pretty sick & tired of hearing "I go to the gym... I've been working out... & I'm not seeing a difference!". 

Well, if this is you, the answers are right under your nose. After all, you are reading this very post. 😉

The truth is, women put up with too much bullshit & mediocrity within their precious workout time & this has to end. You MUST demand more for yourself if you expect your body & your life to change FOR THE BETTER.

What if... JUST WHAT IF... you don't invest any more time in your workouts over the next year & instead you up-level what you are doing WITHIN your workouts only to FINALLY experience the transformation that you are actually expecting?


yes! Take your existing workout time - Don't get caught in the trap of "more is better"  - & instead, GET BETTER COACHING.

See, here's the thing:

"We don't rise to the level of our expectations, we fall to the level of our training."
~ Archilochos

This is such an important GAME CHANGER for you, that I devoted a facebook live video to dive in & give you 5 key points (even though there are more) to look for in your instructor, trainer or coach to be sure you are receiving the guidance you deserve. The guidance that can make or break the goals you have set for yourself.

Are you willing to be exactly where you are a year from now? or are you willing to do something different?

MY COACH & MENTOR taught me:
"What got you HERE, will not get you THERE."

There are five main points that I feel everyone should look for in an instructor or a trainer. Whether you choose RealFit.tv or someone else, these are qualities you should demand from your trainer during your precious workout time:

  1. Language

How does the instructor speak to you? More importantly, how does the instructor speak to THEMSELVES?

Rise up and challenge the "burn calories & earn your food" mentality. That bullshit is what keeps you STUCK. Food is food & workouts are a way for you to take care of yourself, having little to do with calorie burn in the grand scheme of things.

  1. Cueing

You need an instructor with a plan & the ability to think ahead. The instructor should be cueing you to what is coming next so you can keep moving and get the most out of your workout time. If they are fumbling with "what to do next" your heart rate drops & that is not serving you. Your instructor's job is to keep the flow of movement from start to finish in an organized, safe & effective pattern.

  1. Coaching

Your instructor's job is coaching your form. It doesn't matter how many squats you do, or push-ups, if you're doing them in a way that will either get you hurt, waste your time or worse, leave you feeling like a failure. What if YOU are not the failure & the issue lies in the execution of the exercise? It is your trainer's job to give you analogies, cues & coaching on the nuances of how to move into & out of each rep so you better understand your own body.

  1. Tone of Voice

This may seem like a no-brainer, but you'd be surprised at how many instructors don't use this as a teaching tool, or misunderstand how to use their voice as a way to bring out the best in you. This is an exaggeration, but you wouldn't want your Yoga instructor to be shouting poses at you, nor would you want your Kickboxing instructor talking in a soft soothing voice. A good instructor will use the right tone and decible level for the appropriate parts of the routine in order to get the best response from you.

  1. Qualified vs. Certified

Certifications are great, but they're not nearly as important as being qualified. How long has the instructor been at it? The length of time isn't necessarily as important, what matters is that your instructor can take what they have learned in their own training & translate it to you through some of the things I spoke about above. Can they connect with you in a way that gets you results? THAT is more important that a piece of paper (that quite honestly in our industry in the United States at least, it a bit of a sham.)

So whether you are training at home or training at the gym, this is how you can take a look at who you are seeking out for fitness guidance & start checking these elements off your list. It's time to raise the bar my friends.

Which brings me to my big announcement!
You can now up-level your workouts by training with me from home for as little as $12/mo.

There are 4 super popular categories on our site - Spin, Kickboxing, Strength & Step - that I have made available for you to subscribe on a month-to-month basis so that you continue to learn what "proper form" actually is for your body.

  • I use the language to get you away from the damaging diet mentality & onto a path of self-acceptance which is the ultimate path for achieving a body you feel good about
  • I cue you properly so your workout time is tight & well organized
  • I coach you on the elements of a move & teach you what to look out for so you can continuously improve alignment, breathing & increased muscle execution.
  • I use my voice in a way that will pull out your best. When you are starting to lose energy or motivation, I will kick it into gear & get you focused on "yes I CAN!" while remaining true to your form &
  • OK yes, I am certified in more formats than I will list here, & I have my minor in Exercise Physiology, yet I still believe that what's more valuable to you is that I am QUALIFIED to teach fitness in a way that will get you RESULTS. I can take what I [continue to] learn & I translate into saving you time, increasing your energy, & most importantly, helping you shift your mindset so you can start living in the body you want desperately to have.

At-home exercisers:

This is ideal for women who are already working out at home & are seeking exactly what I'm talking about here - Counting reps & being told what you are doing vs HOW to do what you are doing is no longer acceptable.

Gym rats:

This is an awesome supplement for women who go to a gym but feel gipped from the classes that are on the schedule at the time that you go - subscribe to your favorite category & take what I teach you in the videos into your gym experience... oh yes, my voice will continue to ring in your ears even in someone else's class!

OK, now it's time... let the fun begin! Click the image below to choose the category you love the most (hint: you can't go wrong!). Better workouts are only a couple clicks away. (But hurry - this is only available thru November 22nd!) LET'S DO THIS!


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