Stop Letting Food & Body Image Rule Your Life.

I am offering you a WAY OUT.

This is for you ONLY if you're ready to make an investment in yourself

Don't wait... the Application Deadline is Thursday, May 17th! Filling out the application does NOT obligate you to enroll... so, there is nothing to lose, only the possibilities of how you could be winning in weight loss!

Here's what's included in the MindFit Mentorship Program:

12 MindSet Modules packed with years of Dana Lee's experience, independent study, practice, and expertise with upleveling her own mindset and coaching others through their own transformations.  

  • Module 1: Laying the Foundation We create space for the new & food stuff to come in and pave the way for success by redefining your own food rules & fitness rules from the start.
  • Module 2: Creating Your Vision It’s impossible to get what you want until you are clear about it and YOU define it, so we begin our mindset work with the end in mind. 
  • Module 3: Unveiling Limiting Beliefs Uncovering your own personal stories about how your beliefs were formed. This will give you the power to recognize exactly what’s blocking you from getting what you want. 
  • Module 4: You Are the Best Judge Another way to reveal your limiting beliefs is through observing your judgement. Judging yourself and those around you, as well as institutions or cultures & societies, is how you will further explore your hang-ups so you can begin to move past them.
  • Module 5: The Only Scale You’ll Ever Need Identifying how you feel (or your emotions) is the basis of our work together. You will be able to pin-point where you are on a scale of 1 - 22 so you can address the emotion, rather than using food or other controlling behaviors that only temporarily give you relief. You will carry a copy of this scale everywhere you go until it becomes second nature.
  • Module 6: Food is Food There is no good food or bad food AND you are not a good person or bad person for eating those particular foods. If all food is created equal when you use my specific method to determine how, what, when & how much you need to eat, in order for your vision from Module 2 to come to reality. Here is where you adopt the truth that “I can eat whatever I want & not gain weight.”  
  • Module 7: You Are Worth It At the core of any self sabotaging behavior is the belief that “I am not good enough” or “I am not worth it.” It’s time to release the concept that numbers define you - your weight on the scale, the size of your clothes, or the number in your bank account. Food does not need to be “earned.” The idea of working off your food is a trap. Separate food as food & fitness as something you do to take care of yourself and you will experience true freedom.
  • Module 8: What If It’s Only A Distraction? Weight struggles, dieting, over-exercising, pain, ailments &&injuries are there to teach us something greater about ourselves. We dive into exploring what life would be like without these distractions.
  • Module 9: The Science of Weight Loss In order for you to create your own rules for food & fitness, you must learn more about how the body works, physiologically. We explore muscle, fat, fascia & hormones as it relates to your metabolism so you can make an informed decision about the best exercises for you to bring your vision to reality.
  • Module 10: Personal Responsibility Unlocks Your Power This is the decision point of the program. Either you remain in victim mode or you take 100% personal responsibility and unlock the power within you to become who you want to become. It’s your choice. Here’s your chance.
  • Module 11: The Evidence to Prove It’s Working There is evidence everywhere. It’s a matter of looking for the proof that “I am not worth it” or the proof that “I am worthy.” Which evidence do you choose to see?
  • Module 12: Your New Freedom Formula You are not like everybody else. The rules you have come to adopt in your life were intended for someone else. Walk away from this course with your own food formula, your own fitness formula, and your own map to navigate what is best & ideal for YOU. Never “diet” again. Choose the best foods and activities based on your own TRUTH. Live in confidence and be secure with who you are. You started the course food obsessed, you walk away body blessed.


  • You'll Receive A MindFit Workbook All of the worksheets printed and bound in a neat workbook with a back pocket to keep you organized. We'll order it and send it right to your home after you sign up. You'll refer to it all the way through the mentorship, and refer to it over and over well after it has ended. It will become your own personal mindset reference.  
  • Six Months of Access to the RealResults Membership Get access to my RealResults Membership where you have 300+ workouts to choose from at your fingertips. We have cycling, yoga, kick & box, strength, HIIT, and our archive library of step videos. This membership will complement the Mentorship and guarantee that you will never be bored with your workouts.
  • Private MindFit Mentorship Facebook Group Be sure to join this group! For the most profound changes, post often and chime in frequently to help fellow Mentees. You'll find this will speed up your progress and motivate you to keep going.  

Don't wait... the Application Deadline is Thursday, May 17th!

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