Using your own body as resistance is a fantastic way to improve strength, stability and coordination. However, some body weight exercises are difficult to perform if 1) you don't have the strength yet or 2) you don't have the prop to do it. What I mean is… pushing exercises like push ups or dips (where you push your body away from the ground/floor) don't require additional. However, when it comes to PULLING exercises, like bicep curls (pulling fist towards shoulder) or pull ups (working the back), you will need a bar or a suspension trainer, like a TRX. Now, for women, straight pull ups can be extremely challenging. Many women struggle to complete even 1 repetition. And that is where dumbbells &/or barbells come in to play.

I developed an 8 week strength training program that compliments both body weight training along with using a barbell or dumbbell as a way to progress your strength and rev your metabolism to build a better fat-burning machine. Many women are also fearful of "bulking up." It is impossible to bulk up with body weight training. So, that is exactly why I am calling this special strength series "8 Weeks To A Sleeker Physique." Tone up, strengthen up & not bulk up!

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