In a word, this summer has been EPIC.

With a few trips to the Jersey shore, weddings, summer concerts, quality time spent with friends and family, day trips on the motorcycle and an amazing vacation to St. John... I must admit, it was pretty damn badass.

And closing out the summer with seeing Lady Gaga perform her magic at Citi Field on Monday night? Umm... how does it get any better than THIS???

Even tho it was in the category of “epic,” truth be told, I’m kinda looking forward to getting back into my regular schedule. #bittersweet

When I know what’s happening each day of the week (instead of planning day trips or outings & working my schedule around things that pop up) I feel much more grounded.

Getting back into the groove of a set schedule starts with my workouts. If I have a program to follow with my workouts, the rest of my life falls into place much easier and becomes way less stressful. & that’s always a good thing.

Remember that email I sent last week? The one where I shared a new playground workout - TRX on the Monkey Bars: Hangin' Out Building Grip Strength.

Well I’ve got the sequel to that - TRX in the Park: Practicing Pull Ups

These workouts can be done in conjunction as a program for 4, 6, or 8 weeks.

So your schedule may look something like this:

Sunday: Rest
Monday: TRX workout on the Monkey Bars: Hangin' Out Building Grip Strength
Tuesday: Non-weight bearing workout like spin, cardio HIIT, or kickboxing
Wednesday: Active rest day - walk, hike, yoga
Thursday: TRX in the Park: Practicing Pull Ups (video below)
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Non-weight bearing workout like spin, cardio HIIT, or kickboxing

You get the gist. Of course, you can switch up the days you workout vs. rest days. Just make sure to add a rest day in between the TRX workouts (because they are considered strength).

TRX in the Park: Practicing Pull Ups

  1. Power Lunge Right
  2. Power Lunge Left
  3. Push Ups
  4. One-Legged Squat Right
  5. One-Legged Squat Left
  6. Pull Ups (or straight arm hang)

As you can see, this one incorporates pull ups.

Now, this may be intimidating for some. But mastering the pull up means you are a force to be reckoned with. It is the ultimate test for upper body strength.

So what if you haven’t mastered pull ups yet? No worries. You can give yourself a boost by jumping off the ground, use the TRX to assist you, or just hang from the bars. There really are options for every level.

Add this workout into your weekly exercise schedule or make a program out of the 2 TRX workouts & you’ll be crankin’ out full pull ups in no time! As I like to say practice makes it possible.

If you are looking for even more structured programs to follow and support to go along with them, join us in RealResults.

We have 8 different programs to choose from. All of them include a printable tracker.

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8 Weeks to a Sleeker Physique
9 Week Total Package - Progress Not Perfection
10 Total Body Tone Up & Trim Down Series
12 Week Fitness Challenge

We also have 2 bonus yoga programs:

15 Minute Weekday Morning Yoga Routine
15 Minute Weekday Nighttime Yoga Routine

In addition to these, we release a new video each week. You’ll receive cycling, yoga, kickboxing, strength, & HIIT. Upon joining you will have access to all of the previously released videos in each category plus 50+ videos in the step archives.

Then there’s our private members-only Facebook group. You’ll get support, encouragement, and accountability from me & my team as well as from your fellow members. It’s a phenomenal community.

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