I’m extending the topic of control from last week because I felt it necessary to give you a super important ingredient that simply cannot be left out of the “get it under control” formula.

That ingredient is…. MAGIC.

Now, you can use any word you like in exchange - universe, god, divine intervention, spirit…

Me personally, I love the word magic because it brings in the fun factor & a whimsical nature that reminds me of how vital it is to dream.

And to trust that a bigger force is at work behind the scenes. It’s not all on your shoulders!

It’s what we had as kids, but lost along the way.

This week’s video is all about the concept of using less control & allowing for more magic. It’s something I heard money coach Kate Northrup say in a podcast I listened to awhile back & it just stuck with me in a way that made me feel like planning (this includes fitness, food & weight loss planning) didn’t have to be so much of a burden.

This idea helps me talk myself off the you-must-control-all-aspects-of-your-life ledge so I get to experience more fun along the way.

What do you think? Would you be willing to try it out next time you are planning to hit your next goal?

Post below & let me know if you think you could use a bit more magic in your life too.

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