**Join before May 15, 2015 & also receive a link to download Dana Lee's 20 Minute HIIT 5-video workout series ($47)**
Purchase 9 months of RealResults before May 15, 2015 & I will gift you with 3 extra months of unlimited workouts-on-demand for free. That's $111 you get to keep in your pocket to spend on your kids instead. Best of BOTH worlds.

So, that brings it to a total of $333 for the entire year. That's $27.75/month - the rate hasn't been that low since the inception of RealResults back in January of 2014.

Once your decision is made to join, that means there is no need to be constantly searching for the next workout program. Which, honestly, frees up more time, energy & effort searching for what to do next.

In RealResults, there are 4 full-length strength programs to follow with more to be released this year. So, you will know exactly what to do next.

This is my effort in helping you make a GUILT FREE decision to prioritize your own health in your life, as an example for your kids to also take care of THEMSELVES too.

Investing in your own workout time and becoming part of a community that gets you (lots of fellow RealFit moms are right along side you) is the gift that keeps on giving BEYOND mother's day.

Take this action in investing in yourself today. Don't wait for someone to do something nice for you for this Mother's Day.


One More Thing:

To PROVE that I want to make your workouts even more accessible for you as a Mom, if you join before May 15th, I will gift you the only RealFit workout series that you can own: 20-minute HIIT.

I have NEVER given this workout series away on our site for free. EVER.

These 5 videos will make your life even easier when it comes to fitting in 20 minutes of effective exercise when you are in a pinch, using only your body weight with no need of an internet connection. That's $47 as an EXTRA bonus. (Again, I have NEVER done this before & have no plans of doing it again. This is a one-time limited time offer.)

So now, you get to keep $158 in your pocket instead.

A little for you... a little for them.

See you in the welcome video on the other side!

~ Dana Lee

p.s. & Of course we have a 30 day money back guarantee! I want you to be happy 🙂

p.p.s. Offer expires May 15th.

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