Steve & I just returned from a magnificent stay with 4 of our funnest friends all together in an oceanfront, 4 bedroom house in the US Virgin Island of St John. #amazing

As in all island life, you see the wealthiest of lifestyles contrasted by the poorest of living conditions. Every single time I witness this, no matter what country I am visiting, I am overwhelmed with the feeling of gratitude for my ability to allow rich experiences in my life. (And I’m not necessarily referring to monetary riches either.)

Because of my blue-collar upbringing, it was ingrained in me that you must “work hard” for the good things in life. And ironically, that is what had prevented me from fully experiencing and appreciating when the good stuff actually showed up. I barely recognized it. I was too busy striving for it. Which put it.... Just… out of...reach.

It took me nearly 40 years to realize that “living a good life is HARD” was just a lie I was telling myself & in fact, was exactly what was keeping me from the GOOD things in life (because “good” is a perception.)

Similar to getting a body I felt good about… I was told that was HARD to do too. I had to work HARDER. Do MORE.

And losing weight after 40? The TOUGHEST. After 50? Forget it. Impossible!

And what if…. Just WHAT IF, you started changing the question from “Why is this so f-ing HARD?” to “How easy can I allow this to be?”

And what if…. Just WHAT IF, the older women who said things like this to you growing up:

“you just wait - it’ll catch up to you!”
“It’s easy now… after 30 it sucks!”
“Ughh. menopause is a bitch!”

What if those women were only telling you THEIR story & experience? And as it turns out, YOU are not THEM and YOU don’t have to buy into that crap.

You can have a totally different experience with hormones, weight loss and learning to love yourself no matter what. Yes, it is possible & I teach it to you step by step right here.

The reason most women struggle with enjoying rich experiences in their lives and feeling good in a bathing suit is because
they have bought into the idea that life (and all that you want to accomplish) is HARD and therefore, always feeling out of reach no matter how hard they work for it.

Now, let me be clear when I say this:

Just because I now understand that living the good life and eating anything I want without gaining weight is NOT actually HARD, doesn’t mean that this doesn’t take some work. Yes, yes my friend, it DOES take work. However, there is a difference - a BIG DIFFERENCE between living in struggle vs putting in effort.

Work, or effort, when applied in the right dosage, at the right time, produces magical results.

And the secret ingredient in the whole process is ALLOWING. You must be in a state of receiving, or in other words allowing yourself to experience a healthy & fit body.

ALLOWING yourself to experience more ease & confidence in your life.

Are you resisting? Are you blocking yourself from ever losing the weight & feeling awesome about yourself? Are you not willing to recognize your accomplishments? Do you feel like it’s never enough?

Next time you find yourself in a struggle & saying “this is soooo hard!” change your language & upgrade the questions you ask yourself: “How easy can I allow this to be?” & watch what happens. xo

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