I got my motorcycle license over 3 years ago and it’s turning out to be one of THE VERY BEST things I've ever done for myself, for my marriage and for my healthy eating habits.

Yes, you read that right - motorcycle riding has become part of my solution to end destructive and disordered eating in my life.

Although, that part wasn’t clear to me at the time - I just knew getting my license was something I had put off for far too long. It was something I always wanted for myself.

Yet, I made excuses as to why it was never “the right time.”

We need to buy a house first.
We need to get married first.
We need to open my business first.
I wanted to use it as a reward for finally obtaining my dream body. (Now I know, it was actually part of my own path to actually living in my dream body.)

Then, for years I got sucked into the life of an over-worked entrepreneur and I couldn’t justify the the time it would take away from me building the vision of my company. (excuses, excuses)

Just before my 38th birthday, Steve’s fire department got together to plan a motorcycle safety course weekend. One of the firemen was also a motorcycle safety instructor and he was kind enough to do a group rate for all of us. How could we pass up THAT offer?

I decided it was finally time. So, we did it! Steve renewed his license & I finally got mine.

Little did I realize that this ONE THING really stood for so much more in my life.

It stood for my freedom.
For being the one in the driver’s seat of my life.
It meant I was doing something completely for myself - a true indicator that I was putting me first for a change.
It meant my husband & I had something fun we could do together. (we have intercoms so we can talk & ride)It meant we had an awesome way to spend quality time with my parents (because my Dad rides too with Mom on the back.)

Riding my motorcycle is an outlet for true happiness & joy in my life and is more fulfilling in greater ways than I never imagined.

And when you feel fulfilled - when you experience true happiness & joy - you do not look to food to feel better and fix your life.

You understand the OTHER elements that are involved in leading a rich & fulfilled life. Food is fun and part of it, but food is NOT the solution for happiness and fulfillment.

No more filling up on FOOD and instead, filling up on rich life EXPERIENCES.

I spent years being a passenger on motorcycles. And that was cool while it lasted. But, enough was enough. It was time for me to stop putting myself off to last, and instead doing something that put what I wanted in life FIRST.

What are you doing to ensure that happiness & fun remains a staple in your life?

What have you been putting off doing in your life, yet still find that you struggle with emotional & binge eating? Can you see how there might be a correlation?

What if your solution to end destructive eating was to get more happy back into your life? Not to eat your way to happiness?

So many women have shared with me over the years that they feel too selfish and too guilty when taking time, energy & money away from their household for frivolous things like learning how to dance, or taking rock climbing lessons or buying a freakin’ motorcycle! My question is, how much food do you need to consume before you start taking the steps necessary to finally be free of that struggle in your life?


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