It's always good to have options.

Options will get you your power back because options leave you with CHOICES.

Options in your career.
Options in your relationships.
Options in your health.
Options in your dumbbells. 😉









And it's up to you to create those options. No one will do it for you.

Prime example: I'm doing a "14 days of RealFit for Free" which suddenly may appear like a new, shiney fitness option for you. (Ends Jan 3rd)

Looking closer, the option was always there. It may have "cost" you $17 in the past, but it was always there.

So, are you ruling out options in your life for a solid, good reason?

Is it always money holding you back from creating options in your life?
Or is it really what you think is NOT an option for you? Like, it's not even on your radar as an option. It's in your blind spot. (& what's in your blind spot could be something that will solve it for GOOD!)

Sometimes it takes some creativity & brainstorming. It can also help to have a sounding board if you feel like there is an area of your life where you are stuck, seemingly with only one.

Talking to other people - outside the problem - can offer a fresh perspective with "new" ideas that could be right under your nose.

As we approach the New Year, maybe you are thinking about resolutions. Maybe not.

If you are, or you are just exploring how things can be different for 2016, instead of saying something like "I'm going to finally drop this weight this Year!" or "I'm going to quit smoking." or "I'm going to find the love of my life." do this....

Create some options for that category so you have a fighting chance on actually making 2016 the year you envision it to be.

I'll give you a head start.... here's an option for your health & fitness goals. 😉

Do this exercise: Get out a piece of paper, write the place you feel stuck at the top, then, underneath number it from 1-10 & write all of your options on how to solve it. heck, even if you get to 5. 5 options means you have 5 choices & that is POWERFUL.
Time to take your power back.

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