So, now that you know how much protein you need on a daily basis from last week's video, I am sure you are wondering how to get it into your meals & snacks.

Today's TidBit Vid reveals my "Top 10 Favorite Protein Sources" that include both animal & vegetable based foods.

I let you into my kitchen cabinets & fridge to show you what I eat on a daily &/or weekly basis for my own protein needs. I go through phases of what I like to eat, so this is what I'm doing now. Of course, you may have food allergies, intolerances or special food needs, so all I can do is share what I AM DOING. Check it out below.

Here they are, kinda in order of my daily meals:

1) Eggs - 1 Whole Large Egg = 7g of Protein - Watch the video for my easy " [anti-] muffin top" egg recipe that my husband & I are loving lately.

2) Energizing Soy Protein Powder from Shaklee - 3 Tbsp = 14g of Protein - Not all soy products are good. In fact, 90% of it is genetically modified, so for the most part I don't eat it unless it's organic. AND the other important factor is HOW it's processed. That's what makes this particular brand the best in my opinion. This is what I use in my recovery shakes or mixed with yogurt.

3) Goat Yogurt - 1 cup = 7g of Protein - Yes, greek yogurt is all the rage, but I wanted to try something new & I love it. As with all yogurt, I go with PLAIN & the full-fat version.

4) Hemp Protein - 1 Tbsp = 5.3g of Protein - Hemp is awesome. They are little seed-like flakes that are NOT genetically modified & are a fabulous source of magnesium & iron. They can be sprinkled on salads or mixed in your smoothie. They have a nutty flavor that I really love.

5) Wild Caught Salmon - 3 oz = 18g of Protein - Salmon is an excellent source of Omega 3's, so it's a great combo of protein AND healthy fat. I will eat this grilled on the weekends or over my salads during the week.

6) Shrimp &/or Scallops - 3 oz = 18g of Protein - These are often my first choice when I go out to dinner. I often look for a special on the menu because I'm picky about how they are cooked. Over cook them & they get a chewy texture.

7) Organic Chicken - 4oz of solid Chicken Breast = 35g of Protein - I love chicken & always find new, yummy recipes and different ways to cook it up that keeps it interesting.

8) Turkey Burgers - 1 burger = 22g of Protein - These are my "go to" because I can keep them in the freezer & they cook up really fast on my George Foreman Grill.

9) Hummus - 2 Tbsp = 1g of Protein - This is my favorite "dip" alternative for veggies. I also use it as a mayo alternative in a sandwich.

10) Braggs Liquid Amino Acids - 1/2 tsp = 310mg of Protein - This is not protein in it's full source, but rather the aminos that are the building blocks of protein. Basically when you eat protein, your body will convert it to amino acids in which your body uses for vital functions. Braggs is an awesome soy sauce alternative that I have with sushi or even as a dressing that I mix with either olive oil or avocados to make it creamy.

I hope this encourages you to try some new protein sources or at least better understand which foods you can eat that deliver the most protein-packed power. Eating quality protein assists your body in making the greatest strides with your workout efforts (& overall health)!

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