A STRONG grip that is.

Ever notice that grip strength is largely ignored by most training programs? Probably not & that's ok.

Most people just don't think about it & don't realize the importance of a strong grip.

& what makes grip strength so important?

Because we all dream of being the next Great American Ninja Warrior! haha... just kidding 😉

How about for opening jars, carrying grocery bags, lifting or moving furniture? The stuff we all do on a daily basis, that as we grow older becomes harder. We can slow that grip loss down by incorporating a few moves into our routine that build strength in our hands.

Things like pull ups, or hanging from bars, work grip strength. Heavy bar or dumbbell work can help, too. & the TRX is an awesome tool for strengthening your grip.

I put together a couple workouts with grip in mind, (I'll be sending you workout #2 sometime next week) both using the TRX & monkey bars.

Check out the video and breakdown below. Then get yourself to a playground and get going!

TRX on the Monkey Bars: Hangin' Out Building Grip Strength

Knee Repeater Right
Knee Repeater Left
Squat & Row Right
Squat & Row Left
Single Arm Push Up Right
Single Arm Push Up Left
Monkey Bars

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