Party City Corporate Wellness Benefit

Party City Corporate Wellness Program Benefit Offer

Get Your Hands on the Hottest At-Home Workouts:
Kickboxing, HIIT, Strength, Spin, Step & Yoga

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Pay Only $12/month as Part of Your Party City Wellness Package
(that's a $25/mo Savings!)


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$12/month ~ No Contract ~ Cancel Anytime
30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Here's What You Receive As Part of
Your Online Membership to

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  • Over 100+ Done For You Workouts

    No need to figure out if you are properly balancing muscle groups or continue wondering if you are doing the right things for the best results. Just choose a workout or a follow-along strength program & hit play! Leave the rest up to me & my expertise.

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  • Become Part of a Rock Solid Community

    The magic happens when you are part of a community who gets you. Get a sneak peek into our private facebook group & see how this kind of amazing support could accelerate your results in ways you didn’t even imagine.

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  • Let's Get REAL!

    Nothing at is scripted. We show up as is – without make-up, a dress rehearsal or fancy production. All the workouts you experience at home, are true-to-life as if we were working out in person, together. No editing! & they include women just like you. This is the reality of life!

    Get to know my back-ups girls: Teresa, Lara, Eileen, Barbara & Nicole. They are hilarious & lucky for you, much of the shenanigans gets captured on camera for your entertainment.

  • Request a Workout

    Have a favorite type of workout or music? Post on our private facebook group & I’ll make it happen! (& you’ll probably have other members chime in to agree!)

    Ex: Mash Ups! members have requested combination workouts such as a step & boxing, or spin & the heavy bag. Or music requests for step like pop through the 90’s & spinning such as particular classic rock favorites.

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  • Fitness, Nutrition & Mindset On Demand

    Becoming a part of an online fitness community is the smartest use of your workout time. You have the freedom to cue up the workout you want, when you want, for the length of time you want AND receive nutrition guidance & emotional support while you’re at it! I don’t know of even ONE gym that can be at your beck & call like that, do you?

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  • Live Coaching Calls Once a Month

    Gain insight to what you are struggling with on a monthly group coaching call. I will provide you with a fresh perspective. Our calls include a worksheet to follow along & use as a guide for you to refer back to when you need it. We learn visually, so our calls use video conference software that allow you to see me, your fellow RealFitters & my screen so we can move through the topic and you can ask questions as we go.

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  • Live Stream Workout Once a Month

    Join me & the girls LIVE once a month where I get to see you & you get to see us as I coach you though a workout!

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  • Cooking Videos Every Week

    Upgrading some of your favorite dishes to use whole ingredients AND taste amazing is simpler than you think. Amanda Wells posts recipes & cooking videos that help you shop smarter for your family, stay on budget and cook healthier while you’re at it!

I joined after looking for Kickboxing workouts on YouTube and realized that I was not ever going to get bored with working out at home because RealFit offered everything!

I was at a point in my physical and mental health where I needed a turn around. I have been AMAZED at the physical changes: inches and pounds lost, definition and strength emerging all over my body.

The shift in my thinking is perhaps the best benefit. I have an increased appreciation for my body, how I look at progress and how to be kinder to myself.

This past week I had another painful flare up of Diverticulitis and had to stop working out in order to heal. Throw in the Thanksgiving holiday with all the special holiday eats and treats to deal with, you might think I'd just not care.In the past I would have said" Eh, its too hard to be good. You can just quit."

But that isn't what has happened. I had my mom's hand dipped chocolates and just about every carb imaginable. I didn't pig out or anything. I simply enjoyed the food and family.

This morning I felt well enough to do " Master the Moves Kickbox". It felt so comforting to punch and kick!

My mind and body were ready to pick up where I stopped last Saturday.

Thanks Dana Lee for giving me the confidence to make progress towards improving me!

Cathy Colton, Wife & Proud Mom

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