I was scrolling through my news feed yesterday & saw an ad for an app that TUNES your FACE for better selfies.

What does “tuning your face” mean, you ask?

Well, it basically gives you the magic photoshop tools right on your phone to reform & smooth out your face however you’d like.

Not as you ARE, but how you’d LIKE to look.

Or, let me re-phrase… how you’d like TO BE SEEN.

Am I the only one who thinks this is FUCKED UP?

In fact, in today’s video I share a story about how I was 6 years old & one day as I sat on the lap of my babysitter Diana, she pointed out that my nose pointed UP. & I didn’t take that as a good thing.

That stuck with me for years & YEARS. I actually developed a habit of pushing my nose down (almost like a nervous tick) because I was hoping it would eventually straighten it out so it would be “perfect” once & for all.
...I mean, I really wanted a nose job!

That’s why the phrase “perfectly imperfect” changed my life.

It helped me re-frame my own decided imperfections into something I could not only LIVE with, but actually feel like “Hell yeah, that’s me. That’s who I am.”

So, my question to you this week in regards to this face-tuning app is…

Are you going to get sucked into perpetuating the problem or be part of creating the solution?

Now, you might have gotten my email about printing our first piece of RealFit apparel on Saturday.

….And then, this face-tuning app showed up in my feed a couple days later!

Which makes me even happier that my community helped me to decide that THIS particular message would be the first to represent who we are. Who YOU are.

Be part of wearing the solution with PRIDE.

You can choose between a tank or a slouchy-tee in a bunch of fun colors. Only available til Sunday!! Buy yours here.

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