Like my new tank?


haha. I couldn't resist.

Especially since it truly is a foundation of my belief system as a trainer.

HOW you lift is critical to staying injury free (well, duh, right?) But, it's also the secret sauce to getting faster results than you ever thought possible.

But how do you know if you are lifting properly? Especially if you workout at home or at the gym on your own without a trainer to guide you?

This is second most common fear I hear about when I chat with women about starting a strength training routine. This fear of doing it "wrong."

(The #1 fear will be revealed in next week's email.)

Are you afraid of getting hurt?

...Scared of trying a new workout program that doesn't actually help you lose weight? (although what you're doing now is not working either)

...Can't afford to waste your time & effort to learn something that takes so much time to "get right."

I hear you. & I understand & sympathize with all of those concerns. They are legit.

AND they are easily solved.

This week happens to be a 5th Tuesday of the month (this only happens once a quarter) and as a bonus, I am releasing a full, 7-week Strength & Cardio Program for you to follow from home that:
1. Coaches you through proper form.
2. Teaches you step-by-step of how to put a strength training program together that SAVES time.
3. Produces jaw-dropping results than a cardio-only workout routine ever could!

Watch the intro video with the details of the program here:

Try the first 4 weeks of the program for $37. If you aren't seeing or feeling a difference in your physique within the first month, I will refund every cent back to you and be sure you know the next steps to take so you DO see & feel results! You have my word & my commitment to help you on your weight loss journey.

I'm really excited about this one! & if you have a bosu OR a step & a pair of dumbbells, it's time to ROCK THEM OUT!

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