Grab your mat & follow along with me for this 5 minute complete core belly burning workout for women. There are 10 exercises in this sequence that work your abdominals, your lower back & your obliques to ensure the balanced belly burn you are seeking. Each exercise is performed for 30 seconds. Work up to repeating the circuit 3 x's. Please note: RealResults comes from infusing total body movement & getting your heart rate up as well as making changes in your diet. Even with the "belly burning workout" feeling, there is fat that lays over the top of your muscle. Be sure your routine incorporates full body strength training for optimal results.

For a more complete workout that compliments this exact core routine infused with legs & cardio, you are invited to try RealResults for 14 days where you will have access to a full 50-minute "Bust The Belly Boost The Butt Bench Interval Challenge." + over 75 other workout videos that save you time and speed up results.

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