Here is a short & effective workout to lift your butt fast. You can do this workout routine anytime, anywhere, with no equipment required. However, you may want to use a mat for 3, 4 & 5.

1. Curtsie Squat & Lift Right
2. Curtsie Squat & Lift Left
3. Bridge Roll Right
4. Bridge Roll Left
5. 3-Point Plank (or hover)

Start with 12 reps of each move & aim for 3 sets (or rounds). The most challenging move will most likely be the last one. If you can do 12 reps on each side, awesome! If not, start with 12 reps total (6 on each leg) & build from there.

I added on to these solid booty moves in a full 30 minutes: "The Bodyweight Workout That Lifts Your Butt" Do it with us by joining here.

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