I celebrated my 39th birthday this summer.

When people try & guess my age, they always guess wrong.

Just Saturday, the gal putting on my color at my hair salon thought I was in my 20's.

Bless her heart. <3

It occurred to me that there are definitely things I do NOW (that I didn't always do) that have helped me not only preserve LOOKING young, it has preserved FEELING young.

I share 5 of my anti-aging rituals with you in today's RealFit in 5.

The beauty is that they aren't "chores" to me. They are things that I do that have only helped me over time - they are things that you can do too starting from where you are now.

Looking back over some of my old TidBit videos, I often think "DAMN. I look haggard in that one." A few things have changed since then. And although I'm a couple years older now, I actually LOOK & FEEL younger than I did at that point.

1. Weight training 2 to 3 times per week. NOT cardio. Cardio actually broke me down. Weight training, yoga & rest days helped me repair & rebuilt the age damage.  Go here to get the 7 Weeks to a RealFit Physique for free with the RealResults membership.

2. Sleep. I need 8-9 hours per night. Sleep is even more important to me that getting my workout in. (says the chick who owns a fitness video website) Sleep is the way your body repairs cells & tissues (and btw, how you can get even MORE out of your workouts.)

3. I supplement every single day. It's SO important that I brought in an expert & did a free 3-part video series on it. Watch it here. Now, that doesn't mean I rely on supplements for my nutrition. I still opt for organic veggies, grass-fed beef & pasture-raised meat as much as possible. I take additional vitamins, minerals & a pro-biotic to help me fill in the gaps where my diet leaves off.

4. I use a daily moisturizer that has a 25 SPF and has decreased the little lines in my face.  I love this "time repair" stuff!!! It friggin works. (I've been using it for years, so I apologize on holding it back from you!)

5. I brought happiness to the forefront of my life. It changed my attitude & with more smiles, means a more youthful spirit. Did you see these videos?

Let this be inspiring to you! There are habits you can create that can turn back the clock. #1 & #5 on my list was the most impactful in my book.

What are some of your look-young, feel-young habits?
Comment below - I gave you mine, now it's your turn to give me yours 😉

p.s. I do kickboxing about once a week as part of my own workout program (as released today in RealResults; Triple Threat Kickboxing Trifecta). As I shared above in my anti-aging rituals, cardio actually broke me down, aging me & my joints faster than I had expected. I'm not saying to cut out cardio training. What I AM saying is to put it in it's place. Weight training continues to be my #1 secret to youthfulness. In fact, that is why I released 7 weeks to a RealFit Physique for FREE with the RealResults membership. It is that important.  This blend of cardio & strength is a workout formula I designed specifically for women to preserve their muscle and increase their strength. It's all about getting more with less. Train to be awesome.

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