It doesn't matter the time of year, it always feels good to have arms you are proud of. Sleeveless dresses in the winter, tank tops in the summer. Tone your arms effectively with boxing! No equipment necessary, but proper technique IS! Here are 5 punches that tighten & tone for tank-top confident amazing arms. Set your interval timer for 60/10 x 10 rounds (5 on the right, 5 on the left). Work up to repeating this circuit 3 times for 3 full sets of each move.

1. Speed Jab (Shoulders)
2. Hook (Chest)
3. Elbow Block (Back)
4. Backhand (Triceps)
5. Upper-cut (Biceps)

These 5 awesome upper body moves are put together for you in a RealFit Kick & Box workout: "Tank Top Confident 30-minute Cardio Kickboxing Workout" Do it with us by joining here.

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