What if I told you that most energy drinks and sports drinks are overrated, overused & totally misused?

With the dog days of summer, comes buckets of sweat.

You're pushing so hard & busting your ass to lean down, get stronger & feel better about yourself. So, it only makes sense to reach for something that promises better performance..

There is a purpose for them (er, SOME of them) but, more often than not they hold you back from dropping some unwanted pounds.

It's true....

There are times when just plain water is the ideal choice.

There are times when water & a pinch of salt is the ideal choice. I know that might sound counter-intuitive, but check it out -

Himalayian Salt

Then there are times when weight loss is not the goal for the day. It is performance. & when that is the case, there is another protocol.  I actually did an entirely different video on what to look for in a sports drink here.

Today's video however, helps you decide which is ideal depending on the circumstance.

So, I would recommend watching this one first. Then click on the sports drink link above.

Comment under the blog here - let me know if you think your sports drink is the best choice for most of your workouts. The intentions are always good - I don't question that - but the results can often be disappointing and can piss you off even when it seems you are doing "the right" thing.

So, are you hydrating best for your needs?

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