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Nutrition & Holistic Wellness

Body of Mine ~ Angela Dawes

It has been said that an organization will never be greater than the vision that guides it. We believe when given the chance, the body will heal itself by itself. Body of Mine builds a bridge between what's happening with our healthcare system and our food supply today. We put to rest the misinformation, half-truths, and gimmicks that the government and food industry knowingly profit from. Learn more about weight loss programs here.



Shaklee ~ Aimee Tkatchov

We believe in transforming people’s lives through natural and safe products that are worth sharing. And that little by little, one by one, we change the world.

Watch the 3-Part Video Series here as Aimee Tkatchov & Dana Lee reveal the
3 Hidden Pitfalls That Even Smart, Hard-Working People Fall Into That Keep Them Frustrated About Zapped Energy


Essential Oils

DoTerra ~ Frank & Dona Dec of PlantSweetness

Plantsweetness helps you educate yourself in the wonderful powers essential oils have on the our bodies. The human body has the ability to use essential oils to help us deal with our daily health concerns. I hope you will take the time out to explore our website or join us at one of our free weekly seminars or webinars listed in the website. Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have or to request your free sample of our products. Learn more here.

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