Did you know, it is NOT the length of workout time that really matters?

What matters is:

  1. It gets done #doneisbetterthanperfect
  2. It's the most effective use of time possible #totalbodystrength

Below is a short morning workout routine that gets all the muscle groups in & is as difficult as you want to make it based on these factors:

  • How BIG is your range of motion?
    • How deep are your squatting, lunging? How far are you going down in your push ups? How high are you lifting your chest in your rows?
  • What weight are you lifting?
    • I choose a weight that pushes the intensity so it's built-in cardio conditioning.
  • How quickly are you moving from set to set?
    • The less you rest between, the more fit you become - which means your body is operating at peak capacity even after the workout is over.

Gone are the days where I only felt like 90 minutes of working out was the only kind of workout.

Most of what needed to change for me is my belief system about working out. About what was true & what was not. And I had to learn what was possible for me.... that my value was never going to be found in the puddle of sweat I left on the floor, no matter how big it was.

I put so much damn emphasis on 2-hour workouts, that my life was slipping away & still, I didn't feel good about the body I had... even after all those hours of cardio.

I bought into this idea that unless it was a 60-minute workout, it was a waste of my time.

or... if it wasn't 60 minutes, why bother?

Today, no more!
This is my favorite kinda workout:
Short & sweet. Intense & gritty. Mascara from the day before running down my face by the end.

And how do I feel afterwards?

~Ready to KICK ASS for the rest of the day.
~Not one ounce of guilt for not doing MORE.
~Not one measure of "not good enough" because I didn't do it "perfectly"

Ok, now it's your turn: Pull up an awesome playlist with your favorite killer tracks, set your interval timer to be 40 seconds on, 10 seconds off for 6 rounds.

Get out a couple dumbbells & if you have a bosu or a TRX, you can join me in using those too. If not, no big deal - RealFitters are resourceful & unstoppable! Use what you've got!

After the first round, you'll rest (but not too long!) & then go again for another set. Rest. (enough to get some water & wipe some sweat & grab back up dumbbells if necessary) then go for your final round... & KILL IT!

  1. Squat with Hammer Curl + Lunge Right
  2. Squat with Hammer Curl + Lunge Left
  3. Push Ups (bosu optional)
  4. Plie Goblet Squat
  5. Rows (dumbbells or TRX)
  6. Core Twists (or bicycles)


Post below.... How'd ya do?

What music did you listen to that pumped you up? I'm digging Audioslave & Linkin Park these days, more-so than ever. RIP Chris & Chester, RIP. <3

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