Which do you have, the SCREW IT or the DO IT mentality the day after a big holiday gorge fest?

SCREW IT! & have a breakfast of champions - a piece of pie leftover in the fridge (with a big dollop of whip cream, one on the pie, one in your coffee) because what does it matter anyway?


DO IT! & you attack your workout the next day to make up for all the calories you just ate… OMG… that equals HOW MANY BURPEES??

I have a 3rd option.


Here are 3 simple steps to take the morning after over-doing it with food… as you wake-up with a sugar (or um… whatever) hangover that can have you approach the next day a little less black-and-white, all or nothing thinking.

  1. Today is fresh. What you do TODAY matters most. Not yesterday. Not tomorrow. TODAY. Let what happened before this moment GO. Let it go RIGHT NOW.

  2. Focus on eating foods that help you physically feel good.

    For me, that’s water with lemon, lots of greens & veggies and steering clear of all forms of sugar for at least the first half of my day. Not for deprivation or to “make up”, but because it helps me think clearer & bring my energy back in the fastest way possible.

  3. Get back to your regular schedule of activity. What is normally planned for that day? Moving my body feels good - it’s a way to take care of myself, not to punish myself from the night before.

    Whether I feel sluggish or I feel amazing, it’s pretty standard that I push to that level of intensity. So, I suggest a sliding scale in this department and stick to what you have on deck for the day.Adjust your energy to match how you are feeling. More often than not, your energy starts to rise as you move through the workout session because you are giving your body an opportunity to work the food coma right out!

Screw it - do it - or RENEW IT?

Now you have another option. & it’s good to create options for yourself.

I can help coach you through the SCREW IT vs DO IT mentality. If finding the balance between the 2 seems far too frustrating for you, I get it. I used to be there myself and know how that type of thinking can leave you feeling backed into a corner & before you know it, 10 pounds heavier from the holidays. I can help. Work with me & keep off the holiday weight gain!

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