Oh, have I got a treat for you today!

Although I choose to eat mostly whole-foods & what I consider “healthy” for me - for the most part! - I have always claimed how I don’t like to cook. Instead, I “put things together.”

So, given the opportunity to “put things together” - I’ll do it.

But, if I have to be creative & figure out recipes on my own for our weekend meals - I get easily overwhelmed & then either end up eating the same go-to meals again & again or I opt for the easiest way out.... which means ordering sushi or going out to eat instead. Which is fine once in awhile, but not every single weekend.

Until a couple months ago when a good friend of ours gifted us 3 meals from a service called Hello Fresh.

We get a meal for 2 (or a meal for 4) with all of the fresh ingredients (sources from local farms) & an easy recipe to follow that rarely takes longer than a half hour to prep, cook & put on the table. Each, with a beautiful presentation, I might add.

Each recipe comes like this, in a box with the protein separate & the instructions for the recipe enclosed.

Hello Fresh

Steve & I are hooked. Last night we made Salmon en Papillote, with couscous pilaf, asparagus & tarragon-chive herb sauce. The salmon was cooked to perfection, the flavors were amazing & the portion size was perfect!

Hello Fresh

With Hello Fresh, we’ve tried recipes we would otherwise never attempt to make. Or even think to order on a menu. And we are starting to cook them together, which is a lot of fun & maybe contributes to making the meal taste even better. 🙂

Hello Fresh






Every week they come out with a new set of 4 or 5 recipes - one of which is designed by Jaime Oliver - & you get to choose your picks. You can pause the service anytime you’d like too, which is awesome feature I love because if we have a weekend full of other plans and we know we won’t be cooking at home, we can put it on pause & pick it up again for the following weekend.

Interested in giving it a shot?

Here’s $40 off your first box. Just enter coupon code LKBQRY at checkout & anxiously await your yummy delivery 🙂

Take a pic of your first Hello Fresh meal & tag @RealFit.tv on either facebook or instagram. I want to see what you’ve cooked up!

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