If you just got a spin bike, this video is perfect for you. In 20 minutes I teach you how to set up your seat & handlebars and go over the basics of the shoes, the tension knob & the flywheel design. Indoor cycling, a.k.a. "spinning" is one of my favorite ways to burn fat and melt stress.

There is no coordination involved (like in step or kickboxing), so that means, once you are set up correctly, you can rock it out! In some ways it can be like a moving meditation. It's easy to get in the zone (or, zone out!) in indoor cycling. There is no impact on the joints, so it's no wonder that indoor cycling has outlasted so many other fitness trends.

This short video is part of our "RealResults Jumpstart Series" where we give you the basics from the start so you can build confidence, endurance and strength as you progress through your workouts. Every month there is a new cycling workout released in RealResults. Members receive unlimited access to a growing library of cycling workouts, each with a fun theme, awesome music and stellar coaching from yours truly, Dana Lee!

Try out the RealResults Jumpstart Series for 2 weeks for $1 (including 20-min Keep It Basic Kickboxing, 20-min Super Simple Step, & 30-min Lift on the Lighter Side of Strength): https://blog.realfit.tv/10-critical-factors

If you already have a bike at home, but don't want to commit to membership, you are invited to go the pay-per-view route with Dana Lee's "RealFit Ride" through EMG Live Fitness for $2 per video: http://www.emglivefitness.com

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