You are given 1,440 minutes every. single. day.

We all get the same number to work with.

So, the big question is, how do you make sure those minutes aren’t wasted?

Here’s how:
Start by taking just 5 of them, first thing in the morning, to focus on just one thought.

What??? ONE thought for FIVE whole minutes?

Yup. That’s what I said.

(& just a head’s up, I’m about to use the “M” word.)

Yes. This practice is called MEDITATION.

I know, I know…. I know what you’re thinking.

I, myself, used to think that was utterly ridiculous & a complete waste of time. I mean, do you know how much I can get done in 5 minutes when I’m not just sitting there?? I mean, seriously. I am queen multi-tasker!

Well, actually, I WAS. I am breaking my multi-task habits because ultimately it takes me twice as long to get any one thing done AND I kill brain cells in the process.

Yeah… sooooo…. THAT’s not worth it.

About a year or so ago I started meditating. I didn’t do it every day. Instead, I would find reasons to squeeze it out… ya know “Ain’t nobody got time fo dat.”

Since my own way wasn’t working, I decided to follow a program that guided me. The only caveat? This program took 20 minutes, not 5. And I DID IT ANYWAY.

Bottom line: I needed better focus, patience, brain power & creative flow. (and I prefer to NOT kill my brain cells… you?) I got up earlier if I had to, and I did it. 21 days straight.

Why am I telling you about meditation on a fitness site? Because this is how you keep your mind fit.

And as you are learning in the (sign up here ----->) 10-day Mind Body Fitness Challenge, the MIND is what calls the shots when it comes to your weight, diet & fitness struggles.

Getting the mind to focus for a solid period of time on a daily basis will unfold in the most amazing ways you would never even begin to predict.

I started my meditation journey with Oprah & Deepak. (yup, we’re on a first name basis)

Turns out, they have another free 21 days coming up November 2nd. What-what?
Go here to sign up for free:


Join the free (& private) 10 Day Mind Body Fitness Challenge Facebook Group as you take my 10 day challenge AND do this meditation practice WITH me! I will help hold you accountable & accountability is KEY in creating new habits!

Let go of the stigma of what you “think” meditation is. Break the rules. Create your own.

Share this post with a friend so they can be part of it too! Swapping insights as you take both the 10 day fitness challenge AND commit to focusing your mind on a daily, will be a pivotal part in breaking self-sabotaging behaviors in your life. Lord knows, we can’t it it alone!

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