Are you struggling to lose weight? Are you doing all the "right" things & the extra weight isn't budging? Like...
1) Drinking plenty of water
2) Eating whole foods - No more processed. No more sugar (not even artificial!)
3) Spreading your meals (or mini meals) throughout the day, and getting plenty of protein to help you build (& keep!) muscle
4) Working out 3-5 days a week, less than 60 minutes a session, but total kick-ass sessions.

Then, I urge you to get really honest with how you're handling stress in your life. This could be the culprit because stress could be impacting your hormone levels in a way that is making it nearly impossible for you to lose weight or to keep it off.

I believe in a natural, holistic approach for all things health related, which is why I appreciate Dr. Sara Gottfried & her "protocol" for balancing hormones. I have put some of her suggestions to use & they have helped me, so of course I want to help you!
You can order her book here:

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