I used to have this deep rooted belief “if I only tried HARDER”, I would get down to that body fat percentage I wanted so badly. … I would make more money. …. I would “be successful” - whatever that means. I would… (fill in the blank).

What if it’s not about doing things better, but it’s about DOING BETTER THINGS?

Wow, right?

Think about it. Let’s take running for example.

Back in college, I thought this was going to get me leaner.

But, truth is - I DREADED RUNNING.

Regardless, I thought I just needed to do it better. I needed to work harder at it. I wasn’t doing it “right.”

Wanna know what changed things for me? (Like, BIG TIME.)

I stopped running & I started lifting instead.

I did something BETTER [that is better for ME, maybe for YOU running is good].
Watch this week’s video where I share a few insights into eating paleo, going vegan, & doing cardio… Is it time to look at doing something BETTER & not more, more, MORE of the same?



I also recently took a Myer’s Brigg quiz variation, which is basically a personality test. Go to HumanMetrics to take it for yourself.

The reason I’m sharing this with you is that it’s vital to understand your strengths so you play to them. ...As opposed to trying so hard to improve your weaknesses. Huge difference in how you make choices in your life, right?

I’m interested in learning what the quiz says about you. I’m an INFJ (which I share a bit more about in the video) - it’s the rarest of the 16 types. I’m not surprised I always felt like a bit of a loner my whole life… and said YOU might think I was an extrovert. Nope. I’m actually not. 😉

Comment below - what type are you? & do you agree with it?

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