Would you say a lot has changed in fitness since 1994?

That’s the year I graduated high school & started working in a local gym (before even starting my college career in Exercise Physiology a year later.)

If ya do the math, that’s 21 years ago. 2 whole decades.

I’m sure you’d say “ABSOLUTELY! Fitness was a whole lot different back then! Well, duh.”

There were VHS tapes, not DVD’s & certainly, no streaming video.

It was the generation of nautilus machines & stairmasters… thigh masters & Ab rollers.

And there were “aerobic” classes, NOT “Group Fitness.”

Women wore thong leotards in the front row of their step class. Eeek!!!

haha! Thinking of this stuff makes me chuckle. Ahhh, the good ‘ol 90’s! (poured over from the 80’s, thank you very much! LOL)

But, even after all that is different in today’s world of fitness & dieting, one thing continues to stay the same: We think that the workout & the diet is the problem.
Most people focus on the next fitness program or the diet that will “save them.”


That’s not how it actually works.

But, don’t feel bad. I got this wrong too…

For over 15 years of my career as a fitness professional. I worked at this all backwards!!! I just didn’t KNOW. No one told me.

So, today, I reveal the 1 factor that has us stuck in self-sabotage over & over & over no matter WHAT the fitness program or diet is that you follow. Start with THIS & everything falls into place.

And the good news is, I also reveal what YOU can do about it.

Keep your eyes peeled for next week’s email as I talk about my 10 day challenge that is unlike ANY of the fitness challenges out there. In the next few weeks I'll teach you to approach your workouts &  diet struggles from a new angle and set you up for success at the FOUNDATION.

Watch the video & feel free to comment below about how your thinking stops you in your tracks every time you try to lose weight or follow a program.


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