Over a decade I hid behind the facade of “I am doing this for my “health.”

Lies. All lies!!!

Don’t get me wrong, I WANTED to care about my health, but the truth was I was petrified of gaining weight. So I used “choosing healthier foods” as a mask to show that I was doing it for the right reasons.

Now, granted, some of my friends & family probably saw right through it and questioned… “um… so eating chemicals from low fat food-like products is actually BETTER for your health than just eating the real thing??” ohhhh okayyyy there Dana. (insert brother’s sarcastic tone, adding in a laugh just to be sure I knew he was making fun of me ? )

I know I’m not alone. & I know this LIE is still going on in full force out there.

Hiding behind cleanses & ketogenic eating & paleo & veganism. ESPECIALLY veganism!

On the flip side, some women are coming right out & saying that they are doing it for “weight loss” as a way to communicate that their health is important.

Here’s the thing. Weight loss doesn’t actually result in better health any more than being healthy means you weigh less.

Healthy does not include strict rules, restriction, denial, deprivation with a side order of binge eating, anger & resentment.

Altho, that’s what every diet sets you up for!

If this is where you are right now, I feel ya. I KNOW that even if it IS a lie, you desperately want to make it be your TRUTH.

I hear you loud & clear my friend.

So, next you must ask yourself a few questions:

  1. Where did my fear of GAINING weight come from?
  2. Where did my fear of LOSING weight come from?
    (yes, just like you can have a fear of failure & a fear of success - having weight on your body can be an act of self-preservation & protection)
  3. Where did my belief of “I’m not good enough” come from?
  4. Where did the self-loathing come from?

Hint: The answers are NOT going to be found in the next diet, cleanse or fitness fad.

You don’t realllyyyy need me to tell you that. (or maybe you do. xo)

Look back at this cycle in your life. How many times did you look to a diet to “fix” you?
How many times did it actually give you the answers you wanted?

You’ve got to do something DIFFERENT to get to the core cause of where these self-sabotaging beliefs took hold.

Once you know that, then you can stop the behavior in its tracks and your desire to live your truth of “I am doing this for my health” becomes your actual reality. You no longer lie to others. You know longer lie to yourself. You deeply care about YOU & therefore, the weight comes off, or naturally stays off.

Which brings me to this AWESOME opportunity:

I am looking for 8 women who are ready to find their truths. To stop living behind the facade of fitness and dieting and get REAL with doing what it takes to transform their minds so their bodies follow suit.

If you are feeling like this is a “HELL YESS! I’m sick of being weighed down by this shit!” Then here’s what you do next:

  1. Click here to watch the short video telling you more about it.
  2. Click the button beneath to fill out the application.
  3. Once you hit submit, you will receive a confirmation
  4. I will review your application (in a day or so) and then send you available times to book your “discovery call” with me the week of the 23rd (once your application is approved for the next step)
  5. If, on the call, we decided that you are one of the 8, awesome!
    *If not, then no worries. It has to be a good fit for you!
  6. Once “in” you will get part 2 of the application where I design your workout plan for the next 3 months of our work together. Whether that’s at the gym or using the RealFit videos in the member’s area. (you’ll get those months free by the way! $) It’s not called “MindFIT” for nothing!
  7. The Mentorship officially begins the first week in November. I take you step-by-step to transform your thinking during some of the toughest months of the year. Our work together brings you into January with a running start for 2018 - a new & improved YOU with upgraded thoughts and healthy behaviors on auto-pilot, which includes having your cake & eating it too! This gives you a chance to be different than other women who wait til January (when they are 10 pounds heavier) to get started on a "health" kick again - Do this NOW & you will be light years ahead, already living your food freedom in a body you no longer loathe!

Click here to get the ball rolling.

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