I shot last week's video - had it rendered & uploaded, then it hit me.

Wow. THAT was an important element to my calorie-obsessing process to leave out. Eeek! HOW could I DO THAT to my peeps?

Well, we all screw up when we are rushed or we try to fit in too much stuff into one day.

That's what happened last week - too many distractions. (I have a feeling you know what THAT's like.)

So, I made up for it.

Not only did it give me an opportunity to Periscope about it, I also included in this video because I realize not everyone can periscope since you need a smartphone for the app.

Tune in for this short RealFit in 5 above as I let you in on the biggest & most important phase to work towards if you are stuck in calorie obsession - whether that's about counting it in food or tracking it in your workouts.

This stage is where I am at today: TRUST.

It took some work to get here. & I don't mean physical work. I mean work on my mindset.

I finally understood that getting a body & life I felt good about came from the inside out. NOT the other way around.

Thoughts drive emotions & emotions drive actions. I had to practice changing my perception of the whole situation (which was stage 5 - Awareness - from last week's video) before I could let go & actually live in this stage I am today.

That means it could very well be the toughest stage of them all, but it also means it's the most rewarding because it equates to FREEDOM.

Need some clarity on this process for yourself? Comment BELOW!

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