Thank Your Thighs 20-minute Turkey Burner

Thank Your Thighs EMGLive Fitness RealFit Ride

Words are very powerful. What you say is true. If you say your legs are fat, all that matters is your own perception of that reality, so… they are what you say they are. If you beat yourself up a lot, next time you catch yourself being kinda harsh ask, "would I allow someone to talk to my sister/mother/daughter/friend that way?" If not, re-frame the statement as if you are in the process of improving something about yourself. Rather than "I hate my thighs" try saying "I am feeling better & better about my legs with every workout." or "I am feeling stronger & more fit every day." When I was told to use statements like "I love my legs" it felt way too abrasive & untrue. I felt like I was lying to myself. So, instead I would take a bit more gentle approach so it felt more true for me, making it a far greater improvement in how I was talking to myself. Ultimately, lifting yourself up will put you in a better mood, inspire you to inject more energy into your workouts and therefore make positive change happen WAY faster than if you beat yourself up all the time. That kind of talk only holds you down & keeps you stuck. So, appreciate what those legs & what your body can do for you!!! There truly is so much to be grateful for.

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