You may have remembered me releasing a few workout videos using the “journey gym” a couple years back.

In fact, I used it interchangeably for step workouts & for HIIT workouts on my YouTube channel & in workouts. JG’s are awesome for step agility workouts (where you just need a benchtop & the beat is faster - they are some of the RealFit member faves!)

3 reasons the Journey Gym is a smart purchase:

1) PERFECT for travel.

2) Compact & easy to store in small apartments & workout spaces.

3) Combines 2 'tried & true" fitness tools we all know & love.

Even though the idea & product are super smart, it’s a whole ‘nother animal to launch a business that makes a long-term successful go of it. Especially with new product iterations, manufacturing & inventory to keep up on.

(I would know some of these complex challenges because my first business tanked! Evolution Health & Fitness was - & is still - a stellar concept for a brick & mortar gym but I couldn’t make a go of it… maybe one day I will revive it! <3)

The long & the short of it is journey gym (as a business) didn’t end up making it.

And now, there are some leftovers in inventory that needs to move.

On amazon it sells for $237.

I’m giving you $100 off. One caveat, you must live in the United States.

Buy it now for $137 (shipping included).

Hurry…. While supplies last!


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