I've gotten quite a few emails & facebook messages lately asking me for dieting advice. For this reason & for YOU especially, I've compiled some tips in this week's video. I apologize for it being nearly 15 minutes, but folks... there are entire courses taught on this subject of nutrition & weight loss, so I am impressed I kept it this short - I STILL left out some other important points (I guess it'll have to go in another video!).

Just to skim over the basics that I review in more detail in the video:

1) Restricting your calories too low.

2) Getting wrapped up in the dieting cycle. It's time to get off this crazy train.

3) Mistakenly think that fat makes you fat. Fat actually helps you burn fat. SUGAR makes you fat. Even & especially! the artificial kind.

4) Get cardio obsessed rather than strength focused. Did you miss my video on "Crazy Cardio"? MUSCLE EATS FAT. & Don't ever forget it.

5) Learn the difference between hunger & appetite. Hunger is physical. Appetite is emotional or mental. Another common mistake is thinking you are hungry when you are really thirsty. Have a glass of water & if 10 minutes later you are still hungry, then it's time to eat.

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