With all that is happening in the world right now, and with transitioning to a new season, I’ve had a hard time stopping my mind from working overtime. I’ve really struggled to get my thoughts together.

Please tell me I’m not alone in this.

Hurricane Harvey, then Irma… then Jose with Maria trailing right behind. 2 earthquakes in Mexico. And the wildfires on the west coast. The devastation is just heart-wrenching. (Not to mention the political climate, which some might argue feels like a super storm within itself.)

It can all too much to take in & try to comprehend.

So, after I made some monetary donations, I decided I needed to do something to get my mind clear from where I stand right now AND continue to help.

This one thing is making a HUGE difference in changing my perspective and unclogging my mind and I know it’s simple enough to make a difference for you too.

When your mind is full, when you are feeling frustrated that nothing in your life is changing, when you are feeling stuck, when you feel helpless in certain circumstances, make your go-to action decluttering & reorganizing the space you currently occupy.

Then watch the things that start to shift & open up like magic in your life.

Here’s what I did:

  • Got rid of my standing desk in my office & totally changed the atmosphere.
  • I bought 2 super comfy brown chairs that go great with my eggplant walls, the brown curtains match PERFECTLY, & pulls out the colors in the wicked-cool painting of a bicep muscle that hangs above me when I film many of my videos. (thanks to the amazingly talented Rebecca Mott)
  • I brought my plants back in for greenery & life!
  • I recruited my husband to build me a top for my stackable, antique filing cabinets so they become a table for my laptop, when it’s not on the top of my lap. Or a platform for my camera in my mini tripod. 🙂 Steve LOVES these kinda projects.

As I started sorting & going thru stuff in my office, I filmed it for you because as a fitness & mindset coach, your external environment is very telling of what’s happening internally and I’m the gal to help you get your thinking healthier in every way I possibly can.

Bonus tip: Set a timer for 15 minutes every day & go through your stuff! When the timer dings, stop. Each item will go in one of 4 piles:

  1. Keep
  2. Donate
  3. Sell
  4. Throw out


4 Reasons Decluttering Your Environment Makes a Difference In Your Thinking &Puts You In a Position To Help the Less Fortunate:

  1. Your external environment is a reflection of your internal environment.

    When you can’t get clear on the inside, look at where the clutter is showing up in your environment on the outside. Clutter is very telling. (For me, it was my office space, in particular.)

  2. Letting go of what you no longer need opens up space for new & good.

    When your space is constantly clogged with stuff you don’t use or need anymore, how will new opportunities come your way without the physical room for them?I ended up throwing out 2 bags of my old journals. Journals from 16 years old. I flipped through them and realized, only 3 were worth keeping. Now I have so much more shelf space for books I love… and have yet to purchase 🙂

  3. Moving furniture around forces you to see a new perspective.

    I’m not just talking about a new way to look at your room, or out the window, but a new way to see things in your LIFE.Think that’s silly… or ridiculous? Ok, I hear ya. AND try it anyway, because in my life-time experience with this and helping clients, it works every. Single. time.

  4. Sorting things into piles to donate

    helps you with the 3 above AND at the same time helps those in need from all of the natural disasters that the world is experiencing right now.I started with my office, and then became inspired to go through my closets and donate clothes & even my kitchen cabinets to donate food locally. I care deeply about those hurting from these horrific events, I also am doing my best to help my neighbors in need too.Perhaps this might inspire you to do the same. In can make the decluttering process easier when you think about doing it all for the benefit of others.

  5. As promised in my video, I would show the “after” 🙂I sold the desk & I used the money to buy 2 brown, comfy chairs and a piece of wood for my new “coffee desk” as I like to call it. Steve & I used the old antique filing cabinets I had under my desk (that helped me create the standing desk I had previously).


I still stand when I work, in fact, I’m standing right now as I type this, working from home at my bar-top kitchen table.For this time in my life however, I also wanted a working space that is warm, welcoming & inspiring for me to create & set up my camera to film more videos for you :-)And although I still have some more organizing of my bookshelves, I’m THRILLED with how it turned out:

May this inspire you to take a look at an area where you spend a decent amount of time & declutter, reorganize and create a space full of possibilities for you! Post below…. What area are you tackling, what do you want to do with it? Post your pics! Tag @realfit.tv on Instagram or Facebook & share your creation!

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