This post is from December 2015, but it still rings true.  Read on, watch the video, and post your comment.  More good stuff to come!

Have you caught yourself saying “I’m going to lose this extra weight come new year.”


“That’s it… I’m gonna hit the workouts hardcore January 1st…. (or er…. 2nd…)!!!!”

All because the #1 goal is to lose this weight!

What if…. just WHAT IF…

In order to actually lose weight, weight loss is NOT the real GOAL & we’ve had it wrong this whole time?

Stay with me here.

Imagine if the real goal were JOY. HAPPINESS. ENERGY. FULFILLMENT.

What if THOSE THINGS were the ultimate goal & because they become your #1, it is inevitable that the weight will come off?

Can you see how that could be a natural, easy side effect?

Think I’m nuts?
Watch this video & open your mind to consider the possibilities & the freedom that this approach would allow for this and for the rest of your life!


So tell me… are you willing to give weight loss a new approach if what you’ve done in the past (aka made the 10-20 pounds “the problem”) hasn’t actually worked for you?

Get off the weight loss roller coaster. You deserve more in your life.

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