We recently posted a quiz on Facebook (maybe you’ve seen it in your feed, or you’ve taken it yourself) that helps you determine if your workouts are actually working for you. The results land you in 1 of 3 categories: Under Training, Over Training, or Right on Track.

(If you haven’t taken it, keep your eyes peeled on your Facebook feed!)

I was an over exerciser myself for years… like, 15+ years. & most of them I was in denial about the impact it had on my life. In fact, you may recall an old TidBit video called “When Addition is actually Subtraction

The truth is, FEAR had me stuck in this more, more, MORE mentality. I was afraid of 3 things:

If I backed off of working out:

  1. My world would fall apart
  2. I would get fat.
  3. I might flip the crazy switch & not workout at ALL. (that horrified me)

Ok. So here’s the truth: these things were not real. I made them up. & I let them rule the show for a very, very long time.

To start breaking the denial I was in, I started to get honest & took a look at these 5 things in regard to my workout habits.

I’m wondering if you can relate?

  1. You feel panicked if you miss a workout and start immediately scheming ways to make up for it.
    Even if it’s not tomorrow, it’s an “extra 15 minutes” for the rest of the week.
  2. You say no to fun things because it interferes with your workout schedule.
    I can’t tell you how many weekend trips I said “no” to b/c of my workout schedule!
  3. You get injured and keep at it anyway. Maybe you take a day off, but convince yourself the injury is no big deal, that you should just suck it up & work through it anyway (which actually prolongs the injury, and can make it even worse)
    I pulled my achilles tendon once. It pained me for over 6 freakin’ months because I refused to stop & heal it.
  4. Your friends & family show concern for your well being.
    This happened from the beginning. Of course with my friends - they just made fun of me & busted my chops for being the “fitness freak.”
  5. You believe that nothing you do is ever good enough. Your perfectionist & competitive personality overrides everything else so it’s always about MORE, MORE, MORE.
    My theme song could have easily been “I can’t get no satisfaction” - funny perhaps, but it was utterly exhausting when I’m honest about it.

Post under this blog, how has working out TOO MUCH effected your overall life? What about your outlook on life? Your relationships? Your adventures & experiences?

Part of why I designed the 10 Day Mind Body Fitness Challenge was to help you muster up the courage to fix what’s no longer working in your life & to start with a new approach that bridges the gap between under exercising & over exercising.

Find the sweet spot with how your workouts ADD to your life & no longer take away from it. Break the vicious cycle & take the free 10 Day Challenge with me!

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