Friday night Steve & I attended a pretty kick-ass holiday party hosted by one of my corporate clients. I guess you could say we had a jolly-good time. hehe. πŸ˜‰

I warned them last week that I would be up on the dance floor much of the night & indeed, I was.

The 11 piece band made it irresistible! They totally rocked the house. They were amazing.









One of the gals who has been consistently training with me 2 times a week (on-site at this company) was beaming when I greeted her at the cocktail hour when we walked in...

She was rockin' out this awesome little red dress that hasn't fit her in a couple years.

She looked fabulous! And not just from the weight loss - from her smile! ...from the confidence she exuded.

She was incredibly proud. & rightfully so! She deserves it. She shows up & she does the work.

And that's what happens when you are consistent & you train smart.

She has been lifting weights (Dana Lee style) twice a week. That's it. Just 2. And it has made a world of difference for her in a few short months.

So if "getting healthy" & "back on track" after the holidays has you thinking that it's going to take 5 days a week at hour-long sessions, you may want toΒ start re-thinking that.

I know not every company offers this kind of wellness program where I can come train you on site.

What you CAN have is access to this style of training right here. I can still come to you.

Want to feel amazing at your holiday party?

Here's the biggest secret of them all...









Build your confidence so no matter what you wear, you ROCK IT & you OWN IT.

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