You know the feeling.

Your eyes pop open & in a panic you whip yourself around in bed to see the clock getting completely tangled up in the sheets.

"$#@! Ackkkk! I overslept??? what the HELL?!! goddammit!!!"

& within 5 seconds this goes through your head...

Did my alarm not go off?

Did I not even SET it last night?

Did it go off & I slept through it completely?

Maybe I hit snooze & I don't even remember...

Followed by the next wave of emotion when you realize that you were sleeping instead of working out like you "should" have been doing. Sticking to your workout agenda as planned. & DAMNNNNN You were doing so GOOD! Why did this happen????

Ohhhh boyyy I've been there.

& I've been PISSED about it. Not just for the moment, but for the entire friggin DAY, beating myself up about missing my workout.

This just happened to a RealResults member, right after I was talking about how weight training & sleep were on my list of rituals in last week's video. Hmmm... how convenient.

I immediately felt her pain. All of her fellow RealFitters did too. If you are a morning exerciser, you've been there - you know what we're talking about.

It's REALLY alllll good! I assure you. Let sleeping in be your wake up call.

There are so many benefits to sleep in ways that improve your fitness & fat burning, that I decided to do an extension from last weeks video (thanks to Becca!) to help you feel better in these panicked "OMG I overslept!!" scenarios.

This is why:

1. Sleep repairs tissue damage. That means muscles repair from weight lifting & working out when you sleep. If you are deprived from sleep, building strength & muscle definition will go slower than you expect. If you end up sleeping in, your body NEEDS it. It's clearly in repair mode. There is nothing lazy about that at all.

2. Sleep regenerates cells. This is why I had listed sleep as my #2 beauty ritual in last week's video.

3. Sleep helps to reduce pain & soreness. This is because of the previous 2 points on repair & regeneration of cells and tissues. If sleep aids in the recovery, then that means you will heal faster & feel less pain with adequate sleep in your life.

4. Sleep makes weight loss easier. This one has 2 very important points:
a. The hormone Leptin is responsible for feeling satisfied from food. When you are tired, leptin levels drop & appetite increases. Lacking sleep has you reaching for food more often.
b. Cutting your z's means increasing the time you are awake. That could mean going to bed at midnight instead of 10pm. And when considering the above point, that could equate to an entire extra meal. Do that every evening & you could be consuming far more food than you really want or need.

5. Sleep promotes clear thinking and decision making. This is my favorite one. It's the driving force behind my entire healthy lifestyle and ability to succeed at just about anything. Think clearly & choose healthier food. Think clearly & push yourself further in your workouts. Think clearly & have the strength to say "yes" to an awesome opportunity that comes your way in your career. Think clearly and it can be easier to let things go too... such as, oversleeping & missing your workout. A clear mind will quickly let it go & realize it's ALLL GOOD.

Get the emotional boost & the support you need to bust through your own workout hang-ups by joining me & your fellow RealFitters in RealResults for 14 days. It could just be EXACTLY what you were looking for to inject some life and spontaneity into your at-home workout routine.

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