The average plate size in America has grown 23% between the years 1900 & 2012, from 9.6" to 11.8" according to the journal of consumer research.

Drinking glasses have grown too. Surprise, surprise!

Not news to you? ok....

But I just read this stat again recently & it's worth revisiting for the both of us because the truth is, the bigger the plate, the more food we will fill it with - unnecessarily, I must add.

If it's there, on the plate, we'll just keep eating!
Regardless of actually being hungry or not.

This stat inspired me to actually go measure my own plates out of my cabinet....
This is what I found.








Out of the 3 pictured here, the smallest plate is the dessert plate (even that is close to our original dinner plate size!) and more often than not, I will pull that one out of the cabinet to eat on, regardless of the meal.

3 practical tips for enjoying holiday goodies & beyond...

1. When you are hosting a party put out the smaller plates for your guests.

2. When you are at an event, choose smaller ones if you have the option.

3. When you are home in your every-day, choose the smaller plate & see what difference that makes over the course of a week, a month, a year.

Go measure your plates out of your cabinet!

Take a picture of what you are eating on a smaller plate over this next week & tag

I want to see how you are applying this super simple tactic to enjoy your favorite holiday traditions, at just the right amount for you - not too little, not too much.

If you are tired of battling with your weight - no matter what you try it's just not sticking - tactics like THESE don't seem to even help anymore - there is HOPE! I invite you to come work with me at a level up from your typical diet or workout program. We get words like "deprivation" "restriction" & "counting" out of your vocabulary. There IS a better way & you deserve to know about it.

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