Here's some fun for a Friday 🙂

You remember Mad Libs, right?

Fill in the blanks:

Working out is your _____ (noun) not your ______ (noun).

Working out is your jam not your jelly.

Working out is your jolt of java not your shot of tequila.

Working out is your rock not your roll.

Working out is your victory not your defeat.

Working out is your reward not your punishment.











I gave you mine, now what's yours? Post 'em below!

Here are some responses I got so far:

Working out is my comfort not my pain.

Working out is my peace not my frustration.

Working out is my clarity not my obscurity.

Working out is my joy not my anger.

Working out is my passion not my apathy.

Working out is my sanity not my misery.

Working out is my everyday not my once in a while.

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