It may not appear this way to you, but I wear a large or an extra large in women’s tank’s & t-shirts. I haven’t worn a small since freshman year in high school. I also more-often-than-not fit more comfortably into a size 10 pants, & sometimes even a 12, depending on the cut.

In fact, I took scissors to an old MTV t-shirt that I was about to giveaway because it’s too tight around my arms so I could have just the right hint of the 80’s for the Guns ‘N Roses NOT IN THIS LIFETIME concert at the Met Life Stadium on Saturday night.

Here’s a cutie pic of me & Steve after Lenny finished his set with “Let Love Rule” & we were anxiously awaiting for G’nR to come on…

GnR Not in This Lifetime Tour

DAMN! That show was phenomenal. I love me some G’nR. Slash killed it!

Does that mean I’m too bulky? Because I had to cut up an old medium-sized woman's Tee (that never really fit comfortably to begin with)?

Insert sound bite: ohhhh helllllll noooo!

I admit, shopping is not a fun thing for me to do because I have a difficult time finding clothes to fit an athletic build.

But, let me see if I understand this correctly - for many women, shopping is not fun if you do not have an athletic build. There is a slew of criteria that must be met before you feel good in a certain article of clothing.

Ok, now that we got THAT out of the way, & it almost seems like a dammed if you do, dammed if you don’t situation, right?

I have some insight to share if you have a fear of bulking up or you are recognizing that your clothes are feeling tight again, but for other reasons - you are following a fitness program that is WORKING & you are feeling amazing about your progress UNTIL you put on a t-shirt. Or try & slip into a pair of pants.

I have 5 things to share with you to re-frame this in your mind so you don’t fall into the trap of undoing all the good you’ve worked towards because of a fear that may not even be real.

  1. Stop the size fixation. Small, Medium, Large. Stop letting clothes be your ultimate deciding factor on whether your body is “good” or “bad.”
  2. Look for lyrca in your clothes. Stretchy means you can move around more easily. I especially look for stretch in my jeans. Check out barbell denim. I love my barbells! & can I get a "hell yeah!" for printed leggings?! It’s about damn time.
  3. Try wearing styles you’ve never worn before. I love flowy skirts & maxi dresses. I don’t give even ONE THOUGHT to “I feel bulky… or ugh, this is too tight. They are amazingly comfortable & incredibly cute.
  4. Get rid of the clothes that make you FEEL yucky (or in other words “bulky”) I donate anything that I don’t feel good in…. Maybe it will fit someone else perfectly!
  5. This is a GOOD problem to have - CONGRATULATIONS! Your body is becoming fuel efficient which means you need less effort to maintain the muscle you’ve built. I wouldn’t trade my “bulk” for the world! I love how strong I am & how my body is shaped because of it.

Is this a stage you are in? Or are you hesitating on lifting weights because you are afraid of getting bulky?

Well, I ask you then, how do you feel about continuing to feel crappy about yourself - as you are living your life right now - because of a fear (False Evidence Appearing Real) you’ve created? Post below. I want to hear from you!


I love that I am talking about this topic as I also release the 2nd workout of a 3-part series in RealResults called “Heavy HIITer: Super Strong Strength Series” These are 20 minute workouts & are the way I’ve been training lately…. Both me & my sister have taken a liking to this short & intense training. Workouts like these ROCK MY WORLD! HIIT it & QUIT IT, that’s what I say. Join here to get in on the action.


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