30-Minute Strong & Sleek: Inner Thigh Total Body Meltdown

The purpose of releasing freebie workouts is to give you the confidence that I'm your girl to help you with your fitness goals & get you the results you are seeking. In order for me to further help in your success, your next step is to join the membership! Do the 14-day trial TODAY!

This 30 minute total body strength workouts focuses in on the thighs. We do a lot of side to side movement which activates the inner thigh muscles, however, remember, if you want a slimmer physique we must bump up the heart rate & get that massive calorie burn. THAT is what melts the fat on the legs & thighs.
It's smart to sip water as we go, so have that handy. I needed a towel for this one too. Are you surprised how much you sweat with our Strong & Sleek workouts? I'm not! Because these are created to be a fat-burning furnace of a workout!
Let's get it started!
Looking for a full strength program to follow? We've got them in RealResults!
You choose the length & frequency of your strength sessions based on the following programs:

• 12-week "Lose 20 in '15 Workout Program"
3x/week, 45-minute strength & cardio sessions with dumbbells + a step with risers.
• 10-week "Trim Down & Tone Up Challenge"
3x/week, 30-minute strength sessions with dumbbells + a step with risers.
• 8-week "Sleek Physique Strength Training"
2x/week, 40-minute sessions with a barbell OR dumbbells + a step with risers.
• 6-week "Summer Body Workout Series"
2x/week, 45-minute sessions with a barbell OR dumbbells + a step with risers.
** Once you are in, these videos can be found in our category called "Programs To Follow" 🙂
RealFit Strong & Sleek Library in RealResults:
Building Balance Building Strength
The 30-minute Body Weight Workout That Lifts Your Butt
Single Dumbbell, Double Strength, Triple Challenge
Drop It Like It’s Hot (Bosu or Bench)
b & Arm Blast Ball, Bench Or Bosu Workout
Lift On The Lighter Side (30 Minutes)
Simple Circuit TRX Strength Challenge
No Throwing In The Towel Workout
Resistance Tube Training For a Tighter Bod
Wrist-Free Total Body Tight Booty Challenge
Chiseled Chair Challenge
Ultimate Butt & Gut Sexy Shoulder Workout
Long, Lean Muscle Training
Tight & Fit Arm & Leg Workout
Better Back & Booty Workout

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