50-Minute Cycling: Ride ‘Til I Collapse

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This 50-minute indoor cycling workout is high energy and strong. Get ready to push yourself - this one is properly titled, so let that be a warning! If you are interested in knowing the artists & the sequence of the playlist, stay to the end - we give you the breakdown in a screenshot.
You'll definitely need your water bottle handy & I left a puddle on the floor beneath me so grab a towel too!
RealFit Ride (growing!) Library in RealResults:
Speed of Sound (30 mins)
Climbatize (30 mins)
It’s a Lovely Day For A Little Ride (30 mins)
Warrior’s Ride (30 mins)
Funk It! …Let’s Ride!
Summer Sun-Lovin’ Cycle Fest
Climbing The Hills Of San Francisco
Breathe Baby
Heavy Pedal Heavy Metal
Climbing Up Solsbury Hill
Put Your Heart Into It
Tough Terrain Spinterval with a Resistance Tube
Spinterval Speed Challenge (interval with dumbbells off the bike)
Spinterval Hill Challenge (interval with dumbbells off the bike)
Pay-per-view on EMGLiveFitness.com &
INCLUDED in RealResults:

Gonna Make You Sweat (90’s Party People)
The Life You Want (Our Ride with Oprah)
Little Bit ‘o Country
Autumn Awesomeness
Daily Grind? Spin and Unwind!
Drum Trip
Cuz I Can.
Big City Cycling
Keep Pushing On
Diesel Power
C’mon Board The Crazy Train
Ride On, Right On
Go Speed Racer, Go!
Take Cover! (it’s a sweaty one)
It’s a Techno Jungle Out There
I Want My MTV!
Calorie Torching Color Ride
+ Holiday Themes like:
Ride Like It’s a New Year
Put It In Gear For Holiday Cheer
Thank Your Thighs Thanksgiving Ride
Halloween Hell Ride

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