Over this past weekend a few RealFit members each took a road trip to come see me, the girls & our studio where all the RealFit magic happens!

To think only a couple short years ago, filming workout videos was just an idea we had...

Having members from the site from all different places come visit was a dream come true for me!

Maybe for them too - since each of them have been long-time followers. Joanne & her husband came down from Niagra Falls. Robin, her husband & little boy Jett, drove up from Maryland & Christina scooped up her friend Holly & took a weekend road trip to enjoy some time away from the kids!

… & OMG, We had a freakin blast!!!!

Here’s a fun behind the scenes video of our circuit training workout & our awesome hike...



Our circuit workout went like this - we had 2 people per station:

  1. Cardio drill (skaters, jumps squats, run in place, etc)
  2. Roundhouse kicks to the heavy bag R & L
  3. Bosu push ups (black side up)
  4. TRX rows
  5. Deadlifts with dumbbells
  6. Plank sliders (use paper plates if you are on a rug, towels if on a hard floor)
  7. Dips off the bench

45/15 Repeat 2 more times & stretch at the end.

We filmed “HIIT It like a Hurricane” together too - wow. brutal! (haha - wanted to make sure they got what they came for!) They were all naturals on camera. That one will be posted next week in the member’s area. Not a member yet? why the hell not!? Be part of the fun & join here!

I look forward to our next RealFitter member weekend! We’re planning for July. 🙂

ps. Did you catch Summer’s 2nd video? whoa. good stuff about permission, huh? If you haven’t signed up for the Rock Your Body free class, Get in now! The free class is only posted for a limited time (end of March!) & it’s helping unleash the inner badass in women EVERYWHERE so don’t miss out! Kick the negative self-talk to the curb & smash the power your scale has over you once & for all!

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