Take a deep breath.... In & out completely.


Take another, a bit deeper.

Excellent. Now take this in:

Today is fresh






Day by day, each day you live in is fresh. You are free to do with it what you will.

I have lived through many-a-thanksgiving where all I could think about was how much damage I did with the extra helping of this & the 2nd or 3rd serving of that. & don't even get me started on the leftovers.... & the "Friendsgivings" & other little get togethers that lasted all weekend long.

The way I would control it was through working out. I mean, calories in-calories out, right? (wink, wink)
Can you imagine a better way? How you handle the holiday indulgences can be very different this year. And it starts with TODAY.
I teach damage control to my RealResults clients. Join RealResults and you could experience the turnaround that Cathy has...

"I joined RealResults after looking for Kickboxing workouts on YouTube and realized that I was not ever going to get bored with working out at home because RealFit offered everything!

I was at a point in my physical and mental health where I needed a turn around. I have been AMAZED at the physical changes: inches and pounds lost, definition and strength emerging all over my body. The shift in my thinking is perhaps the best benefit.

I have an increased appreciation for my body, how I look at progress and how to be kinder to myself. This past week I had another painful flare up of Diverticulitis and had to stop working out in order to heal. Throw in the Thanksgiving holiday with all the special holiday eats and treats to deal with, you might think I'd just not care.

In the past I would have said "Eh, its too hard to be good. You can just quit." But that isn't what has happened. I had my mom's hand dipped chocolates and just about every carb imaginable. I didn't pig out or anything. I simply enjoyed the food and family. This morning I felt well enough to do " Master the Moves Kickbox". It felt so comforting to punch and kick! My mind and body were ready to pick up where I stopped last Saturday. Thanks Dana Lee Chapman for giving me the confidence to make progress towards improving me!"

What is your damage control strategy? Comment below.


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