Here’s a little piece of living proof that I practice what I preach - I eat my own cookin’ as they say - & my life has been transformed because of the habits & the work I’ve put into shifting my mindset about food & fitness. And it’s why I am so passionate about teaching these things to my RealFitters.

These photos were taken in 2007 when I was about to open my gym.


I remember “dieting down” a couple weeks before the shoot. Ya know, cutting the carbs & nearly starving myself.

I was panicked that I wouldn’t be thin enough to be a good representation of what fitness - or a “gym owner” should look like. Whatever THAT means.

I was still buying into that diet dogma- hook, line & sinker. & it was a shitty way to live.

I was “thinner” then than I am now, yes.
But, I definitely wasn’t confident or as mentally & physically strong as I am now.

I also wasn’t doing this fitness & food thing the healthy way. It wasn’t sustainable.

Most important of all, I didn’t even SEE myself accurately so I wasn’t in the frame of mind to appreciate any of it. AND mind you, It STILL WASN’T GOOD ENOUGH.

When you are *living* the diet mentality, even when you “hit your goal” instead of becoming appreciative of it, you begin to see even more flaws in yourself. It can become worse, not better.

That is why you’ll hear about women’s stories of finally getting thin & then being perpetually miserable in trying to maintain that status because the process was approached BACKWARDS and it’s difficult to define the level of “thin” that equates to “happy.” There is always a sacrifice with this type of thinking.

And that’s why we focus so much on MINDSET in RealResults. It works in conjunction with your RealFit workout program. Get the mind in order & you’ll see through an entirely different set of lenses, make new decisions, & form entirely new habits, with your SELF as the highest priority in any given situation.

Fast forward to now, 2016 - here are a few behind-the-scenes shots from our photoshoot last Monday night. These shots are for our new website (coming to new members area in the coming weeks) - like the one above! (SO FUN!!!)


I didn’t even think ONCE about dieting or looking thin enough or young enough or whatever enough.

I cared more about capturing all of us girls together & the essence of the kooky-crazy-fun we have in our workout videos (& off-camera too!), than I thought; “do I look lean enough?”

It became more about the experience than about how I looked.

That is why I have such a huge REASON to be putting all of my love, energy & effort into such a unique program like RealResults.

Because it’s not the program I am putting my ALL into - it’s the WOMEN in the program that make me the dedicated, passionate & driven entrepreneur that I am.

It’s NOT the fitness. It’s YOU.

Like the Shelby Thomas-Benton’s out there!

“Over the years, I've completed several popular at home plans and none of them changed my body like I hoped so, right before I joined RealFit, I was following different trainers on YouTube and FB but struggling to find workouts that kept me interested and challenged. I was a COMPLETE cardio queen but would strength train a couple of times per month just to say I did! ? Dana totally flipped that script on me and, as a result, I'm feeling stronger, tighter through the core, my stamina has increased and my booty is AMAZING!! ?”

Be a part of the RealFit Revolution as a MOVEMENT. This is not just a website with fitness videos. We are CHANGE AGENTS FOR WOMEN EVERYWHERE.

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