Lunges & squats. Squats & lunges. Seriously my 2 favorite leg moves. So simple, yet not always so master.

If you feel unstable in your lunges or maybe not confident that you are lining things up just right, this video will help you out with where you want to position your shoulders in relation to your hips & in relationship to the floor.

A mirror will be incredibly helpful for you to see what's happening in your shoulders as you try this positioning.

1. Stack your shoulders directly over your hips. So when you drop your arms to each side, your arms line up directly alongside your body.

2. Level your shoulders with the floor. That means one shoulder should not be dropping lower than the other. If you could draw a line shoulder to shoulder & hip to hip, you'd have a rectangle, not a trapezoid.

3. Pull your shoulder blades together behind you to keep your chest open and to prevent your shoulders from rounding in and dumbbells dropping towards the floor. Eyes on the horizon line will help.

4. Think elevator, rather than escalator. An elevator goes straight down & up, while an escalator moves forward. Keeping the shoulders level, lower straight down bending through that back knee & then press equally through your front heel & the ball of your back foot to rise to the top.

Ok, you're up! Try this out & let me know how you feel!

I coach on proper alignment & help you understand your options for modifications in every workout video because it matters to me that your joints stay healthy and strong for as long as possible!

Here is an awesome workout from our RealFit Strength archives that helps you with proper lunge posture along with an intense arm move:

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