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Kickboxing technique MATTERS.

Not only could you get seriously hurt if you land a punch or kick wrong, you also risk developing habits that are HUGE time wasters…. And that’s not why you are kickboxing! You do it because it’s ridiculous fun, it’s a killer workout & it gives you awesome results.

Most women think just because you are sweating, or because you walk away from the workout feeling exhausted, it means you had an EFFECTIVE workout.

Not true. You can sweat & feel tired and still miss the ab workout and neglect your upper back muscles.

Fear not! You are about to learn some fine-tuning techniques that will make a massive difference in developing strength, power & definition in your body--while staying free & clear of injury. Techniques that build in core & back training.

I have my sidekick, Amanda (aka my sister), to assist me as i take you through 6 tips that when applied consistently will get you up to 100% more out of your boxing sessions.

We start at the fingertips & finish at the feet.

1. Fists - Fingers in, thumb on top.

Avoid: Thumbs sticking out.
Avoid: Thumbs inside, fingers wrapped over thumb.

why? Your thumb can be easily sprained or even broken! YEEOUCH!

2.  Wrists - Wrists stay straight & strong, always aiming your punches through your pointer finger & middle finger knuckles. Always land your punch square.

Avoid: Bending wrists/tucking or curling in

why? Because your wrist can be easily sprained. A sprained wrist takes MONTHS to heal and can effect ALL your workouts... not to mention something as simple as writing or opening your car door.

3.  Elbows - Tuck your elbows in front of the body 

Avoid: Elbows winging out to the sides

why? Because having your elbows out to the sides means you are missing out on working your upper back more effectively & instead you risk over-working your shoulders which could lead to injury. Shoulders are the most vulnerable joint because it has the most range of motion. So if you work on improving this, your can have healthy shoulders for years & years to come!

4.  Shoulders & hips - Move your shoulders & hips with your punches.

Avoid: Putting all the movement in the arms & neglecting the power & strength of your core.

why? When you put your body behind the punch it is FAR more effective! Like... MASSIVELY. There's a reason in Pilates that refer to your core as your "powerhouse." Use it!

5.  Chin - Keep your fists up by your chin * generate your punch from there.

Avoid: Dropping your fists to your waist.

why? Because dropping your fists requires less energy. BUT that is the exact reason you are kickboxing - to burn energy! So, not only do boxers do it to stay on guard, you do it because it makes you workout 100% more effective.

6.  Feet - In a Roundhouse kick or a side kick, position your toe facing away from the direction of your kick. In other words, pivot your foot so the heel points in the same direction as you kick.

Avoid: Planting the foot on the floor without pivoting movement off the ball of your foot.

why? Kicking requires your hips to be open & legs flexible (we offer yoga on our site too btw) so if you point your toe away, your hip opens up, making the kick way more comfortable AND powerful! Not to mention how improper kicking is how muscles are pulled and bigger injuries to the knees can happen.

Bonus tip: Breathing patterns play a big role in keeping your energy up and your mind focused through your session. Exhale through landing the punch, inhale through retracting the punch. HUH!

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