You hear me talk a lot about using a heart rate monitor (the RIGHT heart rate monitor) as a tool to keep you honest during your workouts. Well, Teri Marcotte asked me about this business of "staying in your fat burning zone." Because so many of our workouts have you workout WAY outside that range. Ya see, staying IN the fat burning zone (which is 60-70% of you max… in other words, ridiculously low for working out) will actually prevent you from tapping into your fat stores for energy the whole rest of the day (or night, depending on when you workout). If however, you hit peaks in your heart rate at various times during your workout, your body has to work much harder to recover. Therefore, you benefit far longer beyond the workout when it comes to fat burning. So, that is why I interweave interval workout into ALL workouts. Follow my workouts, & I got you covered!


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