Last month I was nominated to do 22 push ups a day for 22 days as part of #22Kill.

It’s a movement to spread awareness of the fact that 22 American Veterans commit suicide on a daily basis. I’ll be honest, until this challenge, I had no idea. PTSD is serious stuff. And so is suicide.

Although my push up challenge is complete, the awareness must continue, so consider yourself, as a RealFitter - nominated! Please continue to spread the word so our veterans can find the strength to ask for help and so we are in the position to even recognize they need it.

Here is a compilation of all 22 push up variations + a bonus one I decided to throw in because it’s the one that will help you build strength for all of the others.

1. Chest Push Ups
2. Tricep Push Ups
3. One Arm Push Ups
4. Inverted Push Ups
5. Plank to Push Up
6. Diamond Push Ups
7. Chest/Tri Combo Push Ups
8. Switching Push Ups
9. Kick Through Push Ups
10. Drop Push Ups
11. Push Up to Side Plank
12. Bosu Push Ups
13. Pass The Ball Push Ups
14. Scorpion Push Ups
15. Spiderman Push Ups
16. Sliding Push Ups
17. Vinyasa Push Ups
18. Forearm Push Ups
19. Partner Push Ups
20. Traveling Push Ups
21. Dive Bombers
22. Push Ups Salute
BONUS: Floor To Ceiling Push Ups

I challenge you to 3 things:

    1. The #22Kill Push Up challenge (straight push ups, nothing fancy, just be willing to share on facebook so your friends & family know about this worthy cause!)

    2. Go through the video above in real time & see if you can do 4 reps along with me (or 5 if you’re feeling good!) for each push up variation.

    3. Post under the video which variation are you going to start working on? I threw in the bonus push up because it will help you develop the foundation of core & back strength for all of the others. Join me for 30 days in RealResults where we practice 3 full sets of Floor to Ceiling Push Ups together in the latest strength workout “Getting Your Butt & Back [back] on Trac

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